Money Transfer Service in Cheyenne, WY

Whether it’s money transfer service between bank branches or first-line ATM services, Wyoming Armored Service stands ready to serve Cheyenne, WY local-area businesses with integrity and reliability. We offer armored cash transport, secure bank deposits, business change orders and a full scope of tech maintenance on ATMs. We have a penchant for professional service and we always seek to earn the trust of our clients.

Tech Maintenance on ATMs

Our experience with cash handling has given us insight into the servicing demands of ATM units. To meet the needs of our customers with these machines on-premise, we offer first-line ATM services and maintenance, including routine support, replacement and restocking of consumables such as paper and ink, and solving minor problems such as jams from currency, cards or paper. We can also fill and balance ATMs to keep them functional and convenient for the people who rely on them.

Business Change Orders

Our clientele includes local-area businesses, schools, banks and other large institutions who need to exchange larger bills for smaller denominations. We can take your change orders to local banks, make the transaction with full transparency, then return with appropriate smaller bills and change to keep your commerce running. You never need to leave your post!

Take Deposits to Banks

Cash drop deposits are part of many business’ start-of-day or end-of-day operations. If you have a deposit that needs to go to the bank, entrust it to us. We’ll make sure it’s securely deposited and that all proper receipt documentation is handled accordingly by our personnel, so you have a record of your deposit for bookkeeping and accounting purposes.

Money Transfers Between Bank Branches

For larger bank branches with a regional presence, the need to transfer cash between locations arises often. If you require money transfer service in Cheyenne, WY or any of the surrounding areas, we’re able to provide it. With armored car transportation, rest assured your cash sums will go from branch to branch untampered and with total security. Our track record and roll of trusted clients speaks to our professionalism and candor.

Keeping Your Currency Safe

Put your cash in the capable hands at Wyoming Armored Service. We’ll ensure it gets to its intended banking destination without any issue along the way. Contact us today at 307-630-8115 to discuss one-time cash transfer services or recurring security service for bank transfers, deposits or cash transfers.